1. Be Prompt. Failure to arrive on time will result in a suspension from the next work call at that venue. It is "professional" to arrive for your call 10 -15 minutes early. Thank you.

2. You are responsible to bring all the necessary tools you will need. Deck personnel working performance are required to wear Black(or very dark)clothing.

3. Return to work immediately after all breaks. Do not take longer than designated time for the break.

4. Reporting for work, or returning from break, under the influence of any "substance" will result in immediate removal from the call.

5. Remember, while working, to be professional at all times. If there is a dispute/complaint with the show personnel, venue mamagement, or another worker , DO NOT get into any argument. Bring the matter to the attention of the B.A.(or steward)  to be dealt with later.

6. There will be no smoking or spitting on the deck or in any backstage area.

7. There will be no use of CELL PHONES in any backstage area during work calls or performances.

8. If fans "RUSH" the stage , you are to remain at your station or in the backstage area. DO NOT touch or attempt to restrain any fan - this is the duty of security personnel.

9. Return calls from B.A. as soon as possible.

10. After 3 consecutive times of no response to , or refusal of , a work call from the B.A. , you may be placed on the inactive list and it will become your responsibility to notify the B.A. of you availability.

11. Keep the B.A. informed regarding your availability ; and notify the B.A.  of any phone number or address change as soon as possible.


                                       REMEMBER TO WORK SAFELY!